down with worms

deep dark below
trenching through
the layers of skin
they live

ever growing civi
a manifestation
of innard invaders

to war the cells will
chant to the ears
to hell we will send them

to war the cells will
chant to the ears
flush them out
to their cries we
will listen

down with worms
we repeat again
until their dust
is carried by gusts
of wind.

down with worms
down with worms
forever to hell we will
send them.
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sieze the day they say
you wont go anywheres sitting there
reach for the heavens
and you will find pearls

so here i am
hanging by a thread
dangling from this rainbow
i seem to have
caught myself on

and it holds me
someplace between
the realaity below
and my dreams


i am held fast
a wild animal
that struggles for

so i try to work my way
so i try to naw my way

but rainbows
they pretend

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Weeping Felines

ok here goes;

He left the T.V. on...How interesting for a few fleeting seconds,
Squeezing through the bathroom door, my eye catches a sanitary napkin. I skid on the floor in sarcastic excitement, the anticipation of batting it around may make someone pay attention to me.
There is no one here.
There hasn't been a living organism here for over 2 years...I think.
I can do nothing...wait(!) Another act of desparation; I am scratching my face and chewing my tail, oh, I look battered, yes, the doctor person will keep me in a warm spot!
A childs voice is calling "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty..." Ad nauseum.
But, my pride. Can't lose that, what else would I have?
The name He gave me was Fluffy. (After incessant nagging by the female who wears too much perfume)
...And I curl up in the shade of night.
Shaky, Despondent, Bleeding.
I will not wait for the sun, it will come regardless.
If they come back, my puddle of cold urine will be found, used as a metaphor for tears.
If they would only....(yawn)...
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(no subject)

so hrmm new subject for the 11th o december

cat's crying in the dark

hrmm well i dont know but that just poped into my head

so yeah i couldnt write just one for last nigts lover, though mostly because after the 2nd stanza the first just stopped in my head so i wrote a second one which is a bit longer. though its not as good as it could be, though they are both basically about the same thing

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Last night lovers

The morning wakes me
with a little chill
I reach out and curl myself around his chest
he sighs in his sleeps
wraps his arsm arond me.
eyes clsoedbottom lip between his teeth
he looks so innocent laying there in the pale light
he migth hav ebeen my lover
in the night that pasted
but he`ll always be the one i treasure
this mornign and every night


LOL sorry i haven{t poseted sooner but im on vacation with my fiancee! good topic reminded me of this morning when i woke up!!
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magic markers

magic markers

i wish i had a
magic marker
i would draw a love
strong and gentle
something that burns
and excites me
and would last forever

i wish i had a
magic marker
i would draw a friendship
one that holds me up
when i fall down
and stands on its own

i wish i had a
magic marker
i would draw a good life
one with no worries
and places to go
filled with exciting moments
that seem to last forever

i wish i had a
magic marker
able to fix all the wrongs
and make everything right
and erase all the mistakes

with my magic marker