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poetry_tag's Journal

tag you're IT
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This community is dedicated to poetry tag. its a kind of game with no real winner but with lots of fun.

once a day zehaeva will post a subject, it can be anything really from the abstract to the real, and everyone can reply to it with a poem that is inspired by(and really try for about or featuring) the subject.
please remember to post your poem as a replay to the subject post, so that no one gets confused as to what the subject is.

also please include a subject that you woudl like to see others write about at the end of your poem, the first person who posts a poem for the subject will get thier subject used the next day as the new subject

please do not think more than an hour about the subject, the whole idea of poetry tag is to get your initial first thoughts into a poem and throw it onto the page, err journal.

zehaeva used to run a chat room in aol(a long long long time ago) for poetry tag, it was great fun and you will be suprised with what you can come upwith right off the top of your head. zehaeva will also try to post a poems of his own about the subject as well.

well come on everyone and lets have some fun.

tag your it