Little Princess Lorelei (eternal_ukyou) wrote in poetry_tag,
Little Princess Lorelei

Honolulu airport (sweet ocean breeze)

the open air port
so close to the sea
the sweet breeze blows in
and tears come to my eyes
I take my last look at paradise
and wonder if I'll ever come back
4 years seems so long looking back
so short looking forward
everyone says I'm so lucky to live here
but I wonder if its true what they say
about taking the island out of the boy?
I close my eyes and break of all my favriote beachs,
Surfing at White Plains,
Spunging at bellows,
Sunning in the white sands of waikiki.
I close my eyes and inhale deeply,
the sweet ocean breeze.
Good bye,
My Hawaii.

good topic, ont he 12th I'm moving and yes, I live in Hawaii. :(
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