Katie (jasminepearls) wrote in poetry_tag,

Weeping Felines

ok here goes;

He left the T.V. on...How interesting for a few fleeting seconds,
Squeezing through the bathroom door, my eye catches a sanitary napkin. I skid on the floor in sarcastic excitement, the anticipation of batting it around may make someone pay attention to me.
There is no one here.
There hasn't been a living organism here for over 2 years...I think.
I can do nothing...wait(!) Another act of desparation; I am scratching my face and chewing my tail, oh, I look battered, yes, the doctor person will keep me in a warm spot!
A childs voice is calling "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty..." Ad nauseum.
But, my pride. Can't lose that, what else would I have?
The name He gave me was Fluffy. (After incessant nagging by the female who wears too much perfume)
...And I curl up in the shade of night.
Shaky, Despondent, Bleeding.
I will not wait for the sun, it will come regardless.
If they come back, my puddle of cold urine will be found, used as a metaphor for tears.
If they would only....(yawn)...
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