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so hrmm new subject for the 11th o december

cat's crying in the dark

hrmm well i dont know but that just poped into my head

so yeah i couldnt write just one for last nigts lover, though mostly because after the 2nd stanza the first just stopped in my head so i wrote a second one which is a bit longer. though its not as good as it could be, though they are both basically about the same thing

Last Nights Lover I

Its early dawn
The redness of the sky matches
The circles under my eyes
And pulses like my head seems to
Along with the beat of the room

The scents and stench of sex
Raunchy and wet waif to my nostrils
But my hands only find the
Empty side of my bed and a
Pair of black panties

Last Nights Lover II

I fall back into pillows
Like I fell back into them
Last night
Thrown down but lust
Pressed down by her heat

I stared up at the ceiling
Contemplating the images
The pictures in my head
The sights of her
Lit by the moon light
Like we were under the sea
Dancing and twisting together

Last nights lover
She was tall and dark skinned
With those perky little titties
And lips like velvet
Couch cushions

Her hips swung to a
Latin rhythm
As she straddled me
And her eyes captivated me
With intense longing

I caught her as she
Collapsed into my arms
Exhausted, spent from the
Riding and screaming and
Taking every last bit of pleasure
She could from me

Between heated breaths
We whispered softly
Nothing past from our lips
And darkness soon took us

And dawn took her

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